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Introducing YIYEN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Zhejiang Branch, a leading manufacturer of reactive power devices in China. Our factory is dedicated to producing high-quality and reliable products to meet the growing demand for reactive power compensation in the market. Our range of reactive power devices includes capacitors, reactors, and other power factor correction equipment designed to improve the efficiency and stability of electrical systems.

At YIYEN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Zhejiang Branch, we understand the importance of reactive power management in modern electrical networks. Our products are engineered to provide efficient power factor correction and contribute to reducing energy consumption and lower electricity costs. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, our reactive power devices are designed to meet international standards and deliver excellent performance in various industrial and commercial applications.

Choose YIYEN ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Zhejiang Branch as your trusted partner for high-quality reactive power devices that ensure optimal energy efficiency and reliable power factor correction.

Static Var Generator(SVG-120-0.6-4L-R)

Get reliable static var generators (SVG-120-0.6-4L-R) from our factory. Enhance power quality & efficiency. Order now for top performance.

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-35-0.4-4L-W)

Get superior quality ASVG-35-0.4-4L-W Advanced Static Var Generator from our factory. The perfect solution for your power factor correction needs.

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-15-0.4-4L-R)

Get reliable and efficient power factor correction with our ASVG-15-0.4-4L-R. We are a factory providing top-quality solutions for your industrial power needs.

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-50-0.4-4L-R)

Get top-quality Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-50-0.4-4L-R) at our factory. We specialize in producing high-performance power electronics for all your needs.

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-25-0.4-4L-W)

Get reliable Active Harmonic Filters (AHF-25-0.4-4L-W) from our factory. Improve power quality and reduce harmonic distortion. Order now for quality solutions.

Static Var Generator(SVG-50-0.4-4L-R)

Get high-quality static variable generators with the SVG-50-0.4-4L-R model. As a factory, we provide reliable products for your industrial needs.

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-10-0.4-4L-W)

Get top-quality {ASVG-10-0.4-4L-W} Advanced Static Var Generator direct from the factory. Contact us for competitive pricing and reliable service.

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)—Single Phase

Shop the Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)—Single Phase at our factory for efficient and reliable power quality solutions. Upgrade your systems today!

Static Var Generator(SVG-10-0.4-4L-R)

Get reliable static var generators from our factory. The SVG-10-0.4-4L-R provides stable power supply for your industrial applications. Order now!

Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-100-0.6-4L-R)

Get reliable Active Harmonic Filters (AHF-100-0.6-4L-R) direct from the factory. Enhance power quality and reduce harmonics. Order now!

Static Var Generator(SVG-35-0.4-4L-R)

Get the best SVG-35-0.4-4L-R Static Var Generator from our factory. High-quality and reliable power products for your industrial needs. Contact us today!

Advanced Static Var Generator(ASVG-100-0.4-4L-W)

Get reliable voltage control with our ASVG-100-0.4-4L-W. As a factory, we offer advanced static var generators for efficient power management.

Active harmonic filter cabinet (100A-300A)

Get the best quality Active Harmonic Filter Cabinet (100A-300A) direct from the factory. Improve power quality and reduce energy costs.

Static Var Generator(SVG-15-0.4-4L-W)

Get reliable power with the SVG-15-0.4-4L-W Static Var Generator. As a factory, we provide high-quality products for superior energy management.

Active Harmonic Filter Cabinet (100A-400A)

Get high-quality Active Harmonic Filter Cabinet (100A-400A) directly from our factory. Improve power quality and save energy efficiently.

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Introducing our latest innovation in energy management, our Reactive Power Devices are designed to optimize power consumption and improve overall efficiency for industrial and commercial facilities. These advanced devices are engineered to provide dynamic control of reactive power, ensuring that your electrical system operates at peak performance and maintains a stable voltage level. With our Reactive Power Devices, you can effectively reduce power loss, enhance power factor correction, and minimize electricity expenses. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for real-time monitoring and precise adjustment of reactive power, leading to a more reliable and cost-effective electrical infrastructure. Whether you are dealing with fluctuating loads or voltage disturbances, our devices offer a reliable solution to maintain power quality and ensure smooth operations. In addition to their functional benefits, our Reactive Power Devices are also designed for easy installation and integration into existing power systems, making them a practical and convenient option for improving overall power quality. By utilizing our innovative devices, you can optimize energy usage, reduce carbon footprint, and ultimately save on operational costs. Make the smart choice for your power management needs and invest in our high-performance Reactive Power Devices. Experience the difference of efficient power control and take your energy management to the next level.

The Reactive Power Devices are an essential addition to any electrical system. These devices help to regulate and stabilize the flow of reactive power, ensuring that the system runs efficiently and effectively. I recently installed this product in my electrical setup and have noticed a significant improvement in overall system performance. The device is easy to install and has provided a noticeable reduction in power loss and improved power factor. I highly recommend Reactive Power Devices for anyone looking to optimize their electrical system and improve overall energy efficiency. This is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their power system's reliability and performance.

I recently purchased the Reactive Power Devices and they have made a significant difference in my energy efficiency. These devices have helped to improve the power factor of my electrical system, reducing the amount of reactive power that is drawn from the grid. This has not only led to lower utility bills but also improved the overall performance of my electrical equipment. The installation was quick and easy, and the customer service provided by the company was excellent. I highly recommend these Reactive Power Devices to anyone looking to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their electricity costs.

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